Our Methodology: IDTAG

Our project model will allow you to experience and start testing the system from day one.

IDTAG methodology along with EME will bring 100% success to the project and can save nearly 40% of implementation time.

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  • Designed for faster implementation & reduced time.
  • Can save nearly 40% of implementation time.
  • Covers up to 70% of scenarios.
  • Use scenario based approach.
  • Helps identify gaps quickly.

What are EME Solutions?

Our EME solutions simplify warehouse operators job and reduce overall WH operation cost.

We have developed a suite of tools to reduce the transaction overhead as well as increase WH operator efficiency.

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  • Multiple transactions combined into one simple transaction.
  • Few transactions & fewer fields.
  • Ready to deploy.
  • Reduced transaction overhead.
  • Increased operator efficiency.
  • Simple to use and easy to understand.

Why Almasons?

Reduce project costs by atleast 40% while deploying the best resources. Resources can be utilized purely on a need basis without any long term contracts. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars through this approach alone.
We also offer Annual Maintenance Services at a Fraction of the cost.
We at Almasons strive hard to offer you unparalleled quality and pricing by leveraging an optimal combination of our EME solutions and flexible consulting models:
  • Onsite Consulting.
  • Remote Deployment.
  • Offshore Development.
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