SAP EWM Training from EWM Gurus

Our SAP EWM / WM training leads to project success and sustainability

We provide professional help for clients in understanding various concepts and configuration of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM). Our unique approach to training will help you self-sustain by empowering your internal team and reducing implementation cost. Our in-house training model is designed to give you high flexibility so there is no loss of productive time. We provide

1. Configuration training
2. Core team training
3. End user training
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General SAP EWM topics where client seek advices are:
1 Introduction to Warehouse Management Jargons -Warehouse layout
2 SAP WM Overview
3 HUM Overview
4 Extended Warehouse Management Overview
5 SAP EWM Functionalities
6 SAP EWM Deployment & blueprinting
7 Data communication between ECC and SAP EWM
8 Lessons Learned in SAP EWM implementation
9 Key difference between SAP EWM & SAP WM
10 Solutions to Manage Inventory in SAP
11 Master Data: Bin Master - Create, change, View
12 Master Data: Vendor Master
13 Master Data: Customer Master
14 Master Data: Material Master
15 Master Data: Product Master
16 Master Data: Material Master Enhancements
17 Material Master - CIF overview and exercises
18 Inbound Delivery overview and exercises
19 Outbound Delivery overview and exercises
20 ECC Org Structure Overiew
21 ECC Org Structure Configuration
22 Determination of ECC Org elements & Master data in PO
23 Determination of ECC Org elements & Master data in Inbound Delivery
24 Determination of SD relevent config and Master data setting in Sales Order
25 Determination of SD relevent config and Master data setting in Outbound Delivery Order
26 SAP EWM Documents
27 SAP EWM Org Structure - Basic layout
28 SAP EWM Org Structure - SAP EWM specific elements
29 Configurationof ERP Org elements
30 ECC QRFC Configuration Requirements in ERP
31 SAP EWM QRFC Configuration in SAP EWM
32 Material Master dependent data config in ECC and SAP EWM System
33 CIF Data Transfer and Error handling
34 QRFC Data Transfer and Error handling
35 BG jobs for CIF
36 Business Partners, Locations in SAP EWM system
37 Activate BC sets in SAP EWM System
38 Create warehouse, SCU, Basic WH structure, Storage Type, Section, Bin type
39 Create bin access type, availability groups, activity areas, sort sequence
40 Map ECC & SAP EWM WH, Map storage locations to availability groups
41 Warehouse Process Type (WPT)
42 Goods Receipts and Putaway Example
43 Outbound Delivery Processing , Stock removal rule
44 Putaway Indicators, Putaway sequence
45 Warehouse Order creation Rule
46 Delivery processing and profiles
47 Internal Warehouse Movements - Scrap qty
48 Internal Warehouse Movements - PCN
49 Internal Warehouse Movements - Ad hoc bin to bin
50 Replenishment
51 HUs in SAP EWM
52 A Packaging Specification - automatic packing using ppf
53 A Packaging Specification - Manual packing from inbound delivery
54 Warehouse Monitor
55 Warehouse Cockpit
56 Goods Receipt Work load
57 Physical Inventory & Printing
58 Physical Inventory Printing using PPF
59 Post-Processing Framework
60 Storage Control (SC) - POSC
61 Storage Control (SC) - LOSC
62 VAS
63 Exception Handling
64 Wave Management
65 Serial Mgmt
66 RF configuration
67 yard management
68 Labor Management
69 Slotting - Transactions and Master data
70 Slotting Config
71 Batch Management overview
72 Batch Management
73 Production supply Integration
74 Kit to Stock